Izzy Macintosh User: Changing UM Password Best Practices

Recommendations for the easiest way to change your UM Password if you use a Macintosh Computer in MiWorkspace or as a Izzy-using customer:

1 -- Have the user change their UM password at https://password.it.umich.edu

2 – On macOS 12 or earlier, open System Preferences → Users & Groups, select the User's account and click "Change Password" and follow the steps to have the user change and save their computer password to their new UM password.  On macOS 13 and up, open System Settings → Users & Groups, select the user and click the "i" and then "Change Password" to do the same.

3 -- IF THEY USE THE BUILT-IN VPN (not Cisco AnyConnect), on macOS 12 or earlier, open System Preferences → Users & Groups and have the user change and save their computer password to the new UM password in the two UMVPN options.  On macOS 13 and up, open System Settings → VPN and change the password on the two UMVPN options as indicated (this is what macOS 12 and under and macOS 13 and up will see):

4 – Restart the Mac to confirm the user can unlock/log-in to the mac with the new password

5 – Connect to the VPN (for a home user) or any campus network.   The Enterprise Connect dialog boxes will come up (see this page for details) – the user should go through them one more time to “sync” the passwords – that should be it – but see below for a few more things that may need changing.


After changing your password, you may see Papercut showing a 'Hold for Authentication' status for your print jobs.  If you get that prompt, enter your new password and see if the print job goes through as expected.   If it does not:  open up Keychain Access via Spotlight (the magnifying glass icon at the top-right of the screen), and search for the name of the printer in question. Once you find the entry for this printer, right click and delete it. You will also want to delete entries for any other printers you utilize. Once all the offending keys are purged, close Keychain Access and remove any existing jobs in your printer queue. Finally, try printing your document again. If all goes well, you should be prompted to re-authenticate. Do so using your uniqname and new kerberos password. 

Application-specific passwords of note:

If you use a email client like Apple Mail, and have your password saved, you may need to update your stored password.    Usually, the application will prompt you to update your password in the Internet Accounts System Preference.  (This may be the case for other applications that use your UM Password to authenticate to UM services.)

CrashPlan/Code42 - If you are a UM CrashPlan user it is important to check that your password has synchronized with the UM CrashPlan service by logging into CrashPlan. If your password has failed to synchronize with CrashPlan it will interrupt the backup of your computer.


This should work automatically, but if it does not, you may have to sign in again using your new password.