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This list is current as of 45-1513-2021.  This list will be updated as newer versions of these applications come out.


Applications that currently do not launch successfully on macOS 11


  • Desktop Presenter – Currently does not install the Telestream Audio driver correctly on a clean-install (upgrades from older OSes work) – candidate for future retirement.

  • Fusion Studio – launches but just generates SPOD (spinning wheel) – candidate for future retirement as GoPro will not be updating this

  • MacSecureBrowser – reports “damaged” when launched.

  • Pyware 3D – “Can’t be opened because of a problem” VMWare Fusion – only VMWare Fusion 12 is supported on Big Sur.– candidate for future retirement

Applications that we expect may support Big Sur in the future:


  • KaleidaGraph – vendor keeps promising a 64-bit version, but it’s been over a year– still available for macOS 10.14 only

  • MathType 8  – the vendor has indicated this will not ship in 2020 until “by August 2021” – still available for macOS 10.14 only